by Edward Greenhalgh

5 Top Earth-Themed Crafts

Recently, held a contest to celebrate Earth Day, April 22. The challenge was to create a project with an obvious Earth theme or tribute. Several wonderful entries were posted. Here are the top five winners, in order:

1. Patchwork Planet The winner was this big beautiful stuffed planet earth, made with fabric scraps and lots of love. If you’d like to make your own, you’re in luck! A tutorial is included.

2. Oasis A pair of shoes, inspired by the rebirth of Spring and made from stones, moss, twigs and silk flowers, came in second place.

3. Reusable Shopping Bag The third place winner created a reusable shopping bag that reminds us that Mars is “not a great alternative”.

4. Earth Day Guerilla Project This contestant needle felted several little pocket sized earths and put them in plastic eggs with a note saying “Remember to love our earth!”, and then left them around her neighborhood for everyone to find.

5. World Map Quilt The fifth place winner created a world map quilt for her son. She used pre-printed fabric and embroidered fun details on several of the countries. It’s her plan to sew a little bead on every place they visit, encouraging her son to become a world traveler.

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