by Edward Greenhalgh

‘DIY pen’ by Fraser Ross

The DIY pen, created by Glasgow-based design atelier Fraser Ross, is assembled by users from a single, postcard-sized sheet of plywood, with no additional tools or materials required besides a hairdryer to set its heat shrink exterior coating. Finalized from over 100 prototypes, the structural components of the flat-packed design punch out of the plywood sheet for construction, while a range of colors and custom printing is possible on the shrink rubber finish.

The DIY pen is for mass production, a flat packed object, investigating what forms can be created from flat sheet manufacturing and by the combination of two conflicting materials heat shrink rubber and plywood. Most pens bought, borrowed or stolen are disassembled to see whats inside Could this continuous curiosity be conquered by starting with a pen already apart?

Price £14.99.

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