by Holly Steinfeld

What Exactly Is Organic Gardening And Why Do I Have To Do It?

Organic gardening is a method of gardening which is very different from commercial gardening. This type of gardening focuses on good soil health to reduce examples of sickness and infestation rather than using dangerous artificial chemicals just like pesticides or unnatural fertilizers. Organic gardening involves natural processes and strategies that’ve been passed down through generations instead of the “chemical approach” which cares about swift effects and may try and grow something in an area that doesn’t typically support a particular plant by employing synthesised soils and environmental control.

There are plenty of benefits to organic gardening. It’s a more wholesome and green way to grow plants, as it does not lead straight to chemical pollution through runoff or overusing of chemicals. There’s less of a worry of effects on humans as well , since the lack of radical chemicals that can react poorly with the human body means that there should be no reactions to unnatural chemicals.

Chemical gardening attempts to force the environment into a state which is unnatural. If you cannot grow corn in an area, chemical gardening changes the area in ways which might be harmful rather than just growing corn in an area that can essentially support corn.

The organic approach doesn’t use this process. It does not change the environment and change it into some artificial construct. This is advantageous to the environment because it doesn’t force it to switch. Without causing the environment to change, it is much less likely that there will be side effects. Less complications generally means a more healthy and more tolerable environment.

An ecological garden can use some manure and soil additives, but the sole ones used are natural fertilizers such as dung instead of some type of lab grown chemical. The vegan community has taken a special liking to ecological gardening as their community focus is on natural foods that are good for the environment. Since they do not eat red meat or artificially grown plants, the only thing left is organic plants.

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